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Italian ambiance along the River Main

For over 800 years, Aschaffenburg belonged to the Archdiocese of Mainz. Its prince-bishops favoured Aschaffenburg as a summer residence and left their mark in  terms of both architecture and fine arts. Cultural highlights include Matthias Grünewald's "Lamentation of Christ" and the unique Altar of Mary Magdalene, created by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Johannisburg Palace, meanwhile, is a masterpiece of 17th-century architecture and features  significant collections of paintings and other artistic forms of expression. Aschaffenburg is  also a place well known for its modern and contemporary art, being the hometown of none other than the famous German expressionist painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

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Highlights in Aschaffenburg

What makes a visit of Aschaffenburg so special?
Plenty! Let's start with the following highlights!

The imposing Johannisburg Palace is an architectural masterpiece of the 17th century. The palace church with its Mannerist-style marble altar, created by Hans Juncker, is one of the absolute gems of the German late Renaissance and one of the most valuable masterpieces of its time.

Further highlights include the world's largest collection of architectural models, including miniature cork replicas of some of the magnificent architectonic constructions of ancient Rome as well as the State Art Collection with one of the largest collections of paintings by Lucas Cranach the Elder and his workshop.

The neighbouring Jesuit Church provides yet another example of the unique stylistic era of Mannerism. Today, the church is used as an art hall, displaying regular changing exhibitions that highlight famous artists of Classical Modernity as well as artists from contemporary times. Combined with these exhibitions, the church presents itself to visitors as an exciting synthesis of the arts.


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Discovering Aschaffenburg ... Anew!

Aschaffenburg's mild climate inspired the antiquity-loving King Ludwig I to commission the construction of an idealised replica of a Roman house from Pompeii along with the establishment of a Mediterranean-style park.

Featuring rolling vineyards, exotic fruits, countless trees within the town as well as its parks, narrow laneways with cosy cafés, fine restaurants and a picturesque marina,  Aschaffenburg offers visitors a truly special holiday experience.

And once you've seen the Pompeiianum, an idealised replica of a Roman villa, you'll feel like you've crossed the Alps to be suddenly in Italy!

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