Welcome to the hometown of the Brothers Grimm

This lively and vivacious city, situated along the Main and Kinzig rivers, is a place combining both tradition and modernity. Come and relax, or take on the hustle and bustle. Get to know this city of culture, business and pleasure, situated in the eastern part of the Rhine-Main region. Many of Hanau's sightseeing attractions become quickly apparent to the eye, while others are only discernable at a second glance. Either way, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised!

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Highlights in Hanau

What makes a visit of Hanau so special?
Plenty! Let's start with the following highlights!

Naturally, not everything in Hanau revolves around the famous fairytale brothers. In fact, there is plenty more to see. As a cultural centre in the eastern part of the Rhine-Main region, a place dating back to Roman times, Hanau has much more on offer: A magnificent Baroque-style palace, picturesque old town centres, a historical spa complex, eleven museums and more than 1,000 cultural events a year are among the many attractions that make a visit to the hometown of the Brothers Grimm such a worthwhile experience. A tour of the city with a knowledgeable guide is definitely recommended. Want a tip? No problem! Stroll from the Palace Square with its historical buildings, including the former stables, to the Old Town Market and the German Goldsmiths' House. From there, continue on to St. Mary's and St. John's Church with its model of the old town, then to the former Jewish quarter and on to the Walloon-Dutch Church. That should keep you busy for a while!

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Discovering Hanau ... anew!

Hanau is the birthplace of the world-famous Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. They had seven siblings, of whom their "painter brother" Ludwig Emil also achieved national fame. The official hometown of the Brothers Grimm is known not only for its linguists and fairytale collectors, but also for its many museums, historical buildings and green parks. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, when the town centre is transformed into one of the most beautiful weekly farmers' markets in all of Hesse, the fairytale town becomes even more colourful and lively.

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