RheinMainCard FAQs

Answering the most important questions regarding the RheinMainCard 

  • The RheinMainCard is valid throughout the entire RMV fare zone.

  • The area of validity: The RheinMainCard covers the entire RMV fare zone, while the Frankfurt Card only covers travel throughout Frankfurt's city districts incl. Frankfurt International Airport.

  • No, the RheinMainCard is valid on the day of date inscription until the end of operations on the following day.

  • End of operation is at 5:00 am.

  • No, unfortunately the RheinMainCard may not be combined with connecting tickets. You will need to purchase a regular ticket starting at the end of the RMV fare zone in order to cover the additional distance.

  • You are permitted to use secondary lines, trams, subways and busses throughout the fare zone of the RMV.

  • Yes, the RheinMainCard is only valid on two consecutive days.

  • No, the RheinMainCard is available as a two-day ticket only.

  • Yes, the RheinMainCard may be bought for use at a later date. However, this date of use must be inscribed on the ticket at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid.

  • No, the RheinMainCard is a date-specific combination ticket. It may not be sold without the date of use having first been inscribed on the ticket.

  • No, the RheinMainCard does not offer discounts for children, pensioners or handicapped persons. However, some participating establishments do offer additional discounts on site. Simply inquire at the respective venues’ ticket booths.

  • The RheinMainCard is available at every listed point of sale.
    Furthermore, you may also use our print@home version.

  • No, the RheinMainCard is valid for travel from the moment the date is inscribed on the ticket.

  • No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain refunds for RheinMainCards once purchased.

  • Yes. Only one ticket is issued per group. This ticket has to be carried by a member of the group at all times for the group to avail themselves of the discounts on offer.

  • No, the RheinMainCard may not be used in combination with connecting tickets for travel extending past the official fare zone of the RMV.