The Protestant Market Church was erected under the direction of Carl Boos, Senior Chief Architect of Nassau from 1853 to 1862, as a Neo-Gothic basilica with a nave and two aisles without an upper storey.

Blick auf die Marktkirche
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The Market Church was deliberately erected opposite of the City Palace as a symbol of the thriving Bourgeoisie in the Duchy of Nassau. With its almost 89 meter tall main steeple it continues to dominate the cityscape. The Luther Church, the Hill Church and the Ring Church also have had an impact that extends far beyond the City Limits because they stand for modern protestant church buildings at the turn of the 20th century in which the sermon, communion and the music were seen as one unit and the pulpit, altar and organ were surrounded by parishioners. Many churches in Germany have been built based on these models. The up-and-coming catholic parish selected the Court Master Builder of the Duchy of Nassau, Philipp Hoffmann, as the architect for St. Bonifaces Church in order to erect a representative ecclesiastical building in the center of the city. Hoffmann also planned the building of the Russian Church on the Neroberg and the synagogue on Michelsberg, which was described as one of the most beautiful synagogues in Germany after falling victim to National Socialism. However there are many church buildings not only in the center of the city but also in the suburbs and in the boroughs in Wiesbaden in which religious services are celebrated and which offer venues for a lively range of cultural, social and musical events. You will find information and descriptions in this brochure to accompany you during your visit.

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