Here the majestic river Main and the broad, restful sea of leaves that forms the Spessart Forest converge bringing forth one of nature’s beautiful string concertos. Vast forests invite hikers, the River Main attracts visitors with promenades, villages handsomely indulged by the sun. The historical treasures of the Spessart-Mainland hope to be discovered and tell their tales. Whether it be medieval castles – that tower high above the Main River, telling its old chivalric stories – or impressive palaces such as the the romantic moated palace in Mespelbrunn: here real history can be experienced close and first hand. The famous Spessart Robbers that have lived among these trees and snow-white, too, is from this neighborhood – the mirror of her evil godmother can still be looked at in Lohr. And the inhabitants of this region welcome visitors with open arm and enjoy sharing their traditional wine and beer festivals with them.