The Brothers Grimm National Monument

This memorial, situated on the marketplace before the town hall, today serves as the starting point ot the German Fairytale Route, which leads from Hanau all the way to Bremen. It pays tribute to the famous linguists and fairy tale collectors, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Brüder Grimm Nationaldenkmal
Brüder Grimm Nationaldenkmal - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

A famous picture motive is the almost seven metres tall bronze sculpture of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The national memorial from 1896 stands in the city’s heart, right on market square. Surrounding the memorial is the weekly farmers’ market on Wednesday and Saturday, which consists of over 100 stalls and is a popular destination for excursions and get-togethers. During Christmas time, the farmers’ market is replaced with a “magical Christmas market”, whose 75 stalls invite visitors to stroll around, savour and indulge in delicious treats.

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