Brothers Grimm Festival

A treat for children and adults alike is the Brothers Grimm Festival, held each summer at the amphitheater of Castle Philippsruhe.

Plays in the amphitheater Schloss Philippsruhe take place from mid-May to the end of July.

Brüder Grimm Festspiele
Brüder Grimm Festspiele  - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

The Brothers Grimm Festival has been enchanting tens of thousands of small and big fairytale fans over the last three decades. To celebrate the 200th birthday of Hanau-born brothers Jacob Grimm (1786-1859) and Wilhelm Grimm (1785-1863), the festival was founded in 1985.
Since then, it has grown to be an amazing, award-winning event, which has received the German Musical Theatre Awards multiple times.
The Brothers Grimms Festival’s unique selling point in the German festival landscape is that all plays are originals. They are specifically commissioned for the season and are only played in Hanau. This is a trademark for the festival as much as the splendid, imaginative and handcrafted costumes by tailor Ulla Röhrs, which have left the audience amazed for many years.
With over 80,000 visitors per festival season, the Brothers Grimm Festival counts as one of the biggest open-air-plays in Hesse.
Famous German actress Marie-Luise Marjan has been bringing national attention to the festival as she has been an ambassador for it since 2018.

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