The city of Seligenstadt which exists for 1200 years already (in 2015) offers besides a medieval city center many more interesting things to see: the Carolingian "Einhardsbasilika", the former Benedictine abbey with an impressive monastery complex , the Palatium, the riverside of the Main and enjoyable city festivals.

Kloster Seligenstadt
Kloster Seligenstadt - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

Narrow alleys, picturesque corners, colorful half-timbered houses and impressive sights from many different eras are witness of the over 1900 year old history of Seligenstadt. Even the Romans left numerous traces by the Main along the path of the Limes. Crafts and trade let Seligenstadt prosper during the medieval times. A loving historic old town developed, that is surrounded by numerous restored half-timbered houses that give the town its special atmosphere. The Carolingian "Einhardsbasilika" was built in 830. The former Benedictine abbey with its monastery and apothecary garden, as well as a restored mill, still attracts guests from near and far. The Romanesque stone house was built on occasion of a court council by the Hohenstaufen emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa in 1187. During the 18th century Seligenstadt was the last stop for merchants on their way to Frankfurt. The "Geleitsfestival" as well as many other festivals such as the regionally famous carnival parade and the Christmas market, offer a attractive event program. The Main promenade, where ships stop as well, is part of the "Mainuferweg" which offers the best possibilities for bike riding.

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