Basalt quarries Mühlheim

A popular destination for excursions in Mühlheim are the former Basalt quarries that are an attractive recreation area close to the "Mainuferweg"

The former Basalt quarries are located in Mühlheim-Dietesheim. In the past Basalt was quarried here but today it´s a great destination for excursions and an attractive recreation area. It´s easy to reach by bike, starting from the "Mainuferweg". After the end of the Basalt quarry, an impressive system of lakes formed with a 61 ha big area, that is made up by 22.5 ha of deep-blue water. Besides the Vogelsberger lake and the Oberwald lake, which are the biggest ones, the landscape is complemented by some smaller lakes as well. You can admire the bizarre rock formations that are unique throughout the Rhine-Main region. 120.000 trees, mostly oaks and alders, as well as almost 7.000 bushes have been planted around the Vogelsberger and Oberwald lake for recultivation. Rare plant and animal species have found a new habitat here. Part of the landscape is under conservation. Furthermore signposted paths lead the way to great viewing points e.g. the famous Canyon bridge and for horse enthusiasts there are numerous horseback riding paths.

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