Palace Grounds Rumpenheim

The Palace Grounds of Rumpenheim are part of the cultural history of Offenbach and mainly built in the eighties of the 18th century.

Rumpenheimer Schlosspark
Rumpenheimer Schlosspark - ©

The Palace Grounds Rumpenheim once were drafted as an example for an English landscape park. The concept was designed to represent the nature in its ideal. A varied landscape gardening shall provoke different feelings inside the visitors mind - from happiness to melancholia. Inspired by this approach, the Park still invites visitors to relax and stroll along. The Park is a real insider tip for those who need time out in the nature. Due to the historic concept the park has wide open lawns with single trees as well as forest-like areas. The offer a habitat for numerous animal and plant species which enrich the historic structure of the park. Today the park is landmarked and declared as an area of outstanding natural beauty.


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