Basilica of St. Martin

The Basilica of St. Martin is built on the foundations of a Roman temple.

It is at the St. Martins Basilica where you can get an insight into the great history of Bingen. One should realize that the Romans once built a temple right on this site in the years before the birth of Christ. St. Martins Basilica was first officially mentioned in 793 in Lorsch abbey´s list of donations. In 883, the Roman building was destroyed and was rebuilt and consecrated in 1220. When a fire broke out on the 14th August 1403, almost the whole church got destroyed. 13 years later, a new St. Martins Church was built in Gothic style. After a bombing in 1944, the vaulted roof of the main nave and a part of the high altar collapsed. A place of worship and special beauty awaits its visitors today.

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