Russian Church

Czar Nicholas II laid the foundation stone himself and after three years it was consecrated. Russian privy councilor Alexander Provoroff took up the challenge

Russische Kirche im Kurpark
Russische Kirche im Kurpark - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

No one lesser than higher nobles and members of the Czar families traveled to Homburg to cure their afflictions, to recuperate and to join the social whirl. They only complained about one thing: The lack of their own church for their orthodox religion. The Russian privy councilor Alexander Provoroff convinced the mayor of Homburg to designate a piece of land on the edge of the Kurpark for the church, then sorted out the financing in St. Petersburg and commissioned the famous architect Louis Benois who was in the Czar´s services and who also designed the Russian Church in Darmstadt. It was closed between 1914 and 1945 but has since, once again, become the religious center for the Russian Orthodox congregation in Bad Homburg and the surrounding region.

Tours: Every 2end and 4th Tuesday of the month

Tour: 3 €
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