FAQ RheinMainCard

Answering the most important questions regarding the RheinMainCard

What is the difference between the RheinMainCard and the Frankfurt Card?
The area of validity: The RheinMainCard covers the whole RMV fare zone while the Frankfurt Card only covers the travel throughout all of Frankfurt’s city districts incl. Frankfurt International Airport.

Which area of validity does the RheinMainCard cover?
The RheinMainCard is valid throughout the whole RMV fare zone.

Is the RheinMainCard valid for 48h the moment it is purchased?
No, the RheinMainCard is valid on the day of date inscription and until the end of operations on the following day.
When is the end of operations hours?
End of operation hours at 5 a.m.

Aschaffenburg and Bingen are not within the RMV zone anymore. Can I combine the RheinMainCard with a connecting ticket?
No, unfortunately the RheinMainCard cannot be combined with connecting tickets. You will need to purchase a regular ticket starting at the end of the RMV zone in order to cover the additional distance.

How can I use the RheinMainCard going from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg?
By boat: Use the RheinMainCard in combination with the Primus-Linie when travelling from Frankfurt to Aschaffenburg.

Which means of transport are available to me using the RheinMainCard?
You are able to use secondary lines, trams, subways and busses throughout the fare zone of the RMV.

Does the RheinMainCard need to be used on two consecutive days?
Yes, the RheinMainCard is only valid on two following days.

Does the RheinMainCard also exist as a three-day version or as a weekly ticket?
No, the RheinMainCard is available as two-day ticket only.

Is it possible to purchase the RheinMainCard for future use?
Yes, the RheinMainCard may be bought for use at a later date. However, this date of use must be inscribed on the ticket at the time of purchase. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid.

Is the RheinMainCard available for sale without prior date inscription?
No, the RheinMainCard is a date-specific combination ticket. It may not be sold without the date of use having first been inscribed on the ticket.

Is it possible to combine the RheinMainCard with connecting tickets for extended travel?
No, the RheinMainCard may not be used in combination with connecting tickets for travel extending past the official fare zone of the RMV.

Does the RheinMainCard offer discounts on family tickets?
No, the discounts offered by the RheinMainCard are valid for adult admission prices only. No further price reductions are available on already discounted tickets.

Does the RheinMainCard offer special discounts for children?
No, discounts offered by the RheinMainCard are valid for all persons in the same measure.

Does the RheinMainCard offer special discounts for senior citizens and persons with disabilities?
No, the RheinMainCard does not offer discounts for pensioners and handicapped persons. However, some participating establishments do offer additional discounts on the site. Simply inquire at the respective venues’ ticket booths.

Does the RheinMainCard need to be validated prior to the start of travel?
No, the RheinMainCard is valid for travel from the moment the date is inscribed on the ticket.

Is it possible to return cards after their purchase?
No. Unfortunately it is not possible to obtain refunds for RheinMainCards once purchased.

Where can I purchase the RheinMainCard?
The RheinMainCard is available at every listed point of sale. Furthermore you can order the RheinMainCard online and have it sent to you via post or use our print@home version.
Please note that the print@home version is not conferrable.

Why does only one name appear on the print@home ticket even though I have entered all the participants?
Only the name of the first registered participant will be shown on the print@home ticket.

Do groups need to stay together when using the RheinMainCard?
Yes. Only one ticket is issued per group. This ticket has to be carried by a member of the group at all times for the group to avail themselves of the discounts on offer.