The Brothers Grimm National Monument

This memorial situated on the marketplace in front of the town hall, serves as the starting Point of the German Fairytale Route today. It leads from Hamburg all the way to Bremen and pays tribute to the famous linguists and fairy tale collectors, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Brüder Grimm Nationaldenkmal
Brüder Grimm Nationaldenkmal - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

The Brothers Grimm National Monument was designed and built by the professor and sculptor Syrius Eberle. After his model was only voted third place by a jury, complaints started to arise, so the son of Wilhelm Grimm was asked to pick the one he liked the best out of the three highest-ranked models. Since his choice fell on Syrius Eberles´ model he was commissioned to build the monument.

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