Zeppelin museum Neu-Isenburg

The Zeppelin Museum in Neu-Isenburg Zeppelinheim Shows how closely-linked the aviation history is to the Frankfurt Airport.

Even today people are fascinated by zeppelins. During the 1920s and 1930s the elegant and wealthy society travelled to North and South America by zeppelin. Ambience and service of the luxury class was very exquisite and fine porcelain, silverware, dining and refreshments à la carte were offered. Even though the Bodensee was home to the giants of the air, their history is connected to the foundation of the Frankfurt Airport. Zeppelinheim was a company housing estate for the workers of Friedrichsafen. In Zeppelinheim true to scale models of airships are displayed and many more technical exhibits show the interesting development of aviation. A sad chapter of zeppelin history is not left out: the catastrophe of Lakehurst May 6 1937. Fire and downfall of the LZ 129 "Hindenburg" ring in the end of the flying giants. Looking at the museums´ construction you will notice the curved roof. The round construction corresponds exactly the arch of a quadrant of the zeppelin hulk LZ 1, which had its first flight in 1911 and transported 4400 passengers on 224 flights.

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