Gradierbau I (Gradation Tower) Bad Nauheim

Like a day at the sea: The "Inhalatorium" (Inhalation room), part of the Gradation Tower I, is open to visitors daily from april to october. Five units each holding six tanks with mineral solutions, nebulize the 40 square meter large room producing a fine mist with a concentration of 2,7 percent salt.

Gradierbau I
Gradierbau I - © AK Tourismus FrankfurtRheinMain

The Gradation Towers are the reason behind the smell of a fresh sea breeze in Bad Nauheim. They originally belonged to Bad Nauheim´s Saline, one of Europes most modern salt refineries in the mid 18th century. The large constructions of spruce wood and blackthorne provide an ideal system which increases the concentration of mineral salts through water evaporation.

Five of the former 23 Gradation Towers are still preserved with a total length of 650 meters. The salty air also has a positive effect on the organism and moistens the air passages.

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