Museum House of the Brothers Grimm

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, famous collectors of fairy tales, lived from 1791 to 1798 in Steinau an der Strasse with their family. Their former home is now a museum presenting their life, work and the impact of their work.

House of Brothers Grimm
House of Brothers Grimm - © Verkehrsbüro der Stadt Steinau an der Straße

Jacob and Wilhelm were six resp. five years old when they moved from Hanau to Steinau with their parents and brothers. Their father, Philipp Wilhelm Grimm (born in Steinau in 1751) was transferred to Steinau in 1790 to become magistrate for the towns Steinau and Schlüchtern. The family lived in the court house, a stately Renaisance structure, built in 1562, with stone base and an elaborately timbered upper floor. The main building, together with stable and barn, forms the centre of a picturesque laid out complex. In 1998 the house was converted to the museum House of the Brothers Grimm. The ground floor shows the life of the Grimm family in the Kinzig valley, the scientific work of Jacob and Wilhelm as well as the paintings of their brother Ludwig Emil. Upstairs visitors can immerge in a fairy tale world, seeing, feeling and listening to fairy tales in 10 wonderfully set up. The house also presents changing expositions on the fairy tale subject.

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